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For your safety and the safety of our staff Masks are required to be worn at all times while in our vehicles.  If you need an extra one our chauffeurs can provide you with one as well as gloves if needed for trip.

Vehicle Preparation:

Royal Choice Global Transportation vehicles are being disinfected during the cleaning process using hospital grade CDC approved disinfectants before and after they leave our garage as well as all our chauffeurs are properly trained to sanitize between each and every trip. our Sanitizing cleaning process includes disinfectant of door handles, seating surfaces, arm rests and steering wheels.

Chauffeurs and Staff Temperature and face masks:

At the beginning and end of each shift, all employees including dispatchers, vehicle cleaning crew  and chauffeurs will have their temperatures taken and recorded  using a no touch thermometer . All employees  that indicates a reading outside the “normal” range will be sent home.  All employees will only be allowed to return to work after showing 3 consecutive days of normal temperature with no medication in addition to a doctors note.  All Royal Choice Global Transportation employees will wear face masks at all times while on our premises  and in our vehicles.  All employees are provided with medical surgical CDC approved masks by our office. When Handling your luggage all chauffeurs will use medical examination gloves.  For your safety we ask you allow our chauffeurs to open and close all vehicle doors.

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